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Our services aim to empower and guide you on your Wellness journey towards optimal Health.


EMPOWERING Health & Wellbeing

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My Background is Midwifery and my passion is wellbeing and healing.  I support everyone to help them achieve optimal health & wellbeing. 

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Our Wellbeing Centre in Lismore offers CLASSES, SERVICES and WORKSHOPS.

Specialising in Wellness care and Healing for all as well as birth support and education for couples preparing to birth. 


I am a registered Midwife with over 19 years experience in all areas of Midwifery and Education. I am a Certified Acuneedlist (acupuncture by a midwife) providing symptomatic relief and improving wellbeing in pregnancy and post birth. I am a Certified Spinal Flow Practitioner assisting anyone move from a stressed state to healing. I am Mother to 3 beautiful children, and they are my biggest inspiration to keep learning and improving. 

My Background is Midwifery and my passion is wellbeing and healing. I now support everyone, not just those that are pregnant, in finding optimal wellbeing so that they can feel connected to who they truly are.

I genuinely care about improving your health and wellbeing. I am here to support you in mind and body, health, wellness and healing to be calm and empowered to live your life to the fullest.

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For those preparing to birth Bec educates couples to feel Empowered, Confident and free of limitations and fear with support, education and wellbeing services.

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Our mission is to enable every individual the opportunity to feel and embody wellbeing and healing for optimal health in mind and body whatever stage of life you are in.


Our services are the followings:


  • 1:1 Pregnancy Support & Education

  • Acuneedling (Acupuncture by a midwife)

  • Pregnancy Spinal Flow

  • Spinal Flow for babies & Children

  • Post Birth Support

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For those that are seeking wellness care, we will assist you to transform your life with the healing power of the Spinal Flow Technique. 

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All services available in our clinic and wellness centre are focused on strengthening your mind-body connection, incorporating wellness into your everyday lives and understanding that your body has an incredible intelligence and ability to heal itself.

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