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Our pregnancy education and support services aim to empower and guide you on your unique journey.

Providing couples with the right birth information to make informed decisions, reduce unnecessary fear and anxiety and prepare for a transformational and connected birth.


We support you to feel the very best in your growing body to connect deeply into your inner wisdom and wellbeing.

“If you are emotionally held and supported, you can let the fear in your mind rest. Only then can you allow the true wisdom of your body to birth with full trust and surrender”

Empowered Health & Wellbeing will help you to prepare for your birth during your pregnancy

Our 1:1 support session with Bec are designed to support your emotional wellbeing and is tailored to your specific needs. Bec offers support sessions for pre conception, pregnancy preperation, birth planning, breastfeeding education as well as support post-birth. 

Empowering Health and Wellbeing offers Support during your pregnancy
Acuneedling with Bec to help with discomforts during pregnancy

Acuneedling is needling of acupoints within a midwifery scope by a registered midwife. Connecting the mind and the body and allowing the energy of Qi to flow through the body. Acuneedling gives midwives an extra skill to help women with discomforts during pregnancy combined with experienced, high quality midwifery care.

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Empowering Health and Wellbeing-Spinal Flow-pre-birth
Spinal flow for Wellness

Weekly Spinal Flow Wellness is recommended throughout your entire pregnancy to assist with Reducing unnecessary fear and anxiety about birth and parenting.

Allow you to feel more connected to who you truly are inside. Allow your body to expand and grow with comfort and ease and dedicate time to feel and embody a state of wellbeing for both your benefit and also the benefit of your growing baby within. 

  • Thu

    1 hr 30 min

    20 Australian dollars

  • Mon

    1 hr 30 min

    30 Australian dollars


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