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Needling by a Midwife

Acuneedling for Pregnancy & Post Birth Symptomatic Relief

Acuneedling for Midwives gives midwives an extra skill to help women with discomforts during pregnancy combined with experienced, high quality midwifery care.


Needling techniques have been used in pregnancy for thousands of years. Connecting the mind and the body and allowing the energy of Qi to flow through the body.

There is a lot of supporting research that acupuncture techniques helps prepare the mother for birth and regular needling during pregnancy may promote a more straight forward labour and birth experience.

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What can acuneedling help with in my pregnancy?

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Acuneedling during pregnancy can help with discomforts, aches and pains and also to help settle your mind promoting relaxation and self care in preparation for birth. It can also help activate labour after 41 weeks.

Some symptoms may include nausea, heartburn, hip, back and symphysis pubis pain, constipation, insomnia, haemorrhoids, thrush, high blood pressure, swelling and baby in a breech or posterior position. 

A typical acuneedling session with Bec allows you to ask any questions in relation to your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period. With over 16 years of midwifery experience, Bec can give you the emotional support you will need to build your confidence to birth without fear. Bec will also support and empower you with tools and techniques including and how to harness the art of relaxation, advice on how to achieve optimal positioning of your baby in pregnancy using spinning babies manoeuvres and allow you the time to connect with your breath and your growing baby within while the acuneedling needles are in the body.

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What can acuneedling help with after birth?

Post birth acuneedling can help with healing your body back to optimal health and wellbeing post birth.

A mother warming session using Moxabustion techniques can:

  • assist to repair muscles and fascia

  • provide much needed relaxation and reconnection to self

  • assist with early signs of engorgement and mastitis.


It is recommended that women come in for a post birth acuneedling session 2 weeks after a vaginal birth and 4 weeks after a caesarean to encourage the healing process. 


"I saw Bec today for acuneedling in the lead up to my due date which is only days away.

Bec was so lovely and kind and made sure I was comfortable as I’ve never had acupuncture before today. She even took the time to chat to me about some of the fears I have of going overdue.

I felt incredibly relaxed during the session and was super happy with Bec’s service."

Ashleigh Rankin

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