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Midwifery Support Pregnancy


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A 1:1 support session with Bec is designed to support your emotional wellbeing and is tailored to your specific needs. Sometimes it will look like answering questions or discussing fears you may have and exploring some simple yet effective ways to reduce fear of the unknown by connecting deeper to your intuition. To have a deep connection and trust within your body to grow and birth your baby couples need a deep understanding of the process that unfolds; only then can we truly let the fear in the mind rest.

Or maybe you're wanting a more practical hands approach to learning about the physiological process of labour and birth, advice on spinning babies manoeuvres to optimise your babies position during pregnancy. Maybe you are wanting to know all that you can about breastfeeding as part of your preparation before you birth. 

Bec will cover any questions or queries you may have about choosing the best care provider for your value system, empowering you with knowledge and education to make informed decisions and educating you about the wisdom of the body to birth instinctively. 


Sometimes just being heard shifts tension and anxiety about your perception of labour, birth and parenting journey.

Research has shown that seeing a known midwife and having this continuity of care throughout your journey can lead to more confidence and better outcomes.

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A 1:1 post birth support session with Bec is designed to give you time to understand how and why your birth unfolded as it did and possibly why certain intervention happened in your birth. Or maybe you simply want to tell your story and be heard. Feel your body soften as you let go of the emotions surrounding your experience. It is important for women to understand that they are important too and self care is putting yourself first, Bec is here to support both your emotional and physical body. For more information about other ways Bec can support you post-birth click here.

Every birth is uniquely different and the emotional impact it can have on a birthing women can be long lasting. It is time to release these feelings and have them validated.

With over 19 years of clinical midwifery experience, Bec will welcome you into a safe, calm and private space where you can feel nurtured and respected.

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1:1 Midwifery Support

I cannot recommend this amazing woman enough for 1:1 Pregnancy Support. I think sometimes we can invalidate our birth trauma and push it to the side because we are too busy with a newborn or have misconceptions that birth is traumatic anyway. A simple chat with this woman during my pregnancy was an instant weight lifted. If you're pregnant, or still picking up the pieces after your birth, I cannot suggest her enough.   


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