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Self Care = Self First.

Self care means that you're recognising that you need to put yourself first. Self-love means you are recognising that your cup is not as full as it needs to be. Taking the time for yourself more often will not only fill up your cup it will help you be present with more love, joy and gratitude for all that your are, and everything that you do.

When we give ourselves permission for self-care, sometimes we feel overwhelming emotions surface. What are these feelings about? Are they feelings of relief & gratitude, or is it guilt and sadness. Have you been feeling that you can't give back to yourself without feeling guilty.

It's time to shift these feelings. By doing so, you're teaching your children and those around you SELF LOVE.

Try this exercise:

Lay down.

If it's been some time that you've laid down, feel your body instantly sink into the bed, or the floor.

Feel the heaviness, as you learn to let go.

Now place all of your attention on your feet.

Feel the energy in your toes tingle.

You've been on your feet far too long mama.

Let go and connect into your breathing, feel your body sinking like you're giving yourself permission to rest for now.

There is nothing else that you need to do now except reap the benefits of rest.

Connect in to your breathing.

Deepen the restfulness and close your eyes. Feel into your bodies needs.

This is what self love feels like. Honouring the feelings that hold us, honouring the breath that is within us and allowing time and space for feelings to surface without judgement. They are emotions or what is often called "energy in motion". The more we can connect to this feeling of self love and self care, especially when our body or our mind is demanding that we STOP, the more we give our body permission to let go of what we no longer need to hold onto. This practice is necessary, often. So give yourself the time when it is needed for self love and start to prioritise self care.

You deserve it.


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